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Personal loans and Business loans – in under 1 hour

QuickCash Finance is your local finance company. We have the ability to approve personal loans and business loans in under 15 minutes and have the cash in your hand in less than an hour.

We're proud to be locally owned and operated and because we lend our own money, we can make a deicision for you on the spot. Unlike a lot of finance companies we don't make it difficult to borrow money; we have an easy to understand application process and offer straight forward contracts.

Quick loans and fast approval - money in your pocket within the hour

With the right information we can make a loan decision on the spot and you can have the cash in your pocket in less than an hour. To make it fair and easy for you we won't change the interest rate for the term of your loan and we don't charge any fee for early repayment.

Online loans throughout New Zealand, with finance in Nelson and Blenheim

We can provide finance anywhere in New Zealand, with our straight forward online loan application. We also have offices in both Blenheim and Nelson, so you can speak to a local to arrange your Blenheim or Nelson loan. Being local you don't have to go through a call centre you can come in and see us at our Blenheim and Nelson offices.

If you need finance now just contact us, give us a call on 0800 784 252 and we'll see if we can square you up or find out more About QuickCash.